4 May 2024

After obtaining hundreds of awards with the film she directed and starred in, “Santa Guerra”, Samantha Casella won the CICFF, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, an official IMDB event, at the head of a festival circuit that takes place in India, where he received a prestigious award as Master of Cinema. The CICFF is a festival that, for eight years now, has favored independent cinema, intending and appreciating, not those low-budget productions but those that manage to maintain a certain freedom, without the intervention of a possible producer who could distort or distort a work, embracing the director’s cause. Over the last 8 years of editions, the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival have therefore decided to reward all those artists who have managed to leave their mark in the world of the seventh art.

“I welcomed this award with profound gratitude just as I am grateful not only to the CICFF but to the entire Indian circuit for having appreciated Santa Guerra so much” – says Samantha Casella, who adds – “I believe that the Indian people have given life to a small miracle: internalizing and deeply understanding an unquestionably difficult film. This award pushes me to try to improve more and more so that one day I can prove that I deserved it.”

But it is not the only satisfaction achieved in this period for the multifaceted director and actress. Also in India, “Santa Guerra” obtained the coveted award in the “Best Film” category at the Gunj International Film Festival which will take place in Mumbai with the following motivation: “Santa Guerra offers a profound emotional impact as it delves into the depths of trauma and of self-awareness.The woman’s journey through her subconscious is hauntingly depicted, highlighting the struggle to come to terms with her pain.Directed by Samantha Casella, the film’s exceptional depiction of inner turmoil and introspection is captivating viewers and leaves a lasting impression.”

Last but not least, the Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture, an international festival organized by the British Sophia Miller, after having awarded “Santa Guerra” last year, has decided to award the “Crown of Honor” to Samantha Casella, who will be followed in during the summer, a report in the Cinema Verite magazine.