“Sono cresciuta con la Russia nel cuore.”

Samantha Casella

Samantha Casella was born in Faenza.
She studied screenwriting and narrative techniques at the Holden School in Turin and cinema directing at the Scuola Immagina in Florence.

Her directing essay, the short film “Juliette” has participated in various festivals, winning 19 awards, including two awards at the “Massimo Troisi European Award”.

Also in 2001 she directed “Mediterraneo“, a documentary on the sculptor Giuseppe Spagnulo. Made it under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic and presented at the Venice Biennale.

She continued her journey by making several short films including “Interrupted Silence” winner of three festivals including the Massimo Troisi European Award and “Iris”, starring Elisabetta Rocchetti, best film in five festivals including the Careas Award and the “Festival International Peace Dialogues ”.

In those years she also alternated the making of some documentaries such as “Saison Russe”, centered on the works presented by the Helikon Theater in Moscow during the Ravenna Festival and “The West according to Civitelli”, on the well-known designer of Tex Willer.

In 2006 she directed the medium-length film “Giro di Giostra”, presented during the Venice International Film Festival in a section named Venice Film Meeting.

Between 2008 and 2015 she directed the short films “The Opportunity “and” Ágape” as well as a series of documentaries that revolve around exponents from the world of art; from “Diary for images” (Martino Neri) to “From the centuries of fire and drawing” (Giovanni Bubani), from “Solida Imago (Giovanni Scardovi, Luigi Ontani, Mimmo Paladino) to“ TraDizioni ”(Sergio Monari).

Then, she followed two wide-ranging projects: “Via Crucis at the Pantheon” which proposes the manufacturing processes of the Via Crucis created by Federico Severino and installed at the Pantheon in Rome; and “Self-portrait with Pope“, testimony of a painting by Giovanni Bubani and a poem by Davide Rondoni donated to Pope Benedict XVI.

In 2019 she directed “I Am Banksy” with Marco Iannitello and Caterina Silva.

On its debut in the charismatic TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles at the Golden State Film Festival, it won Best International Short. During the year, the short film won Best Foreign Short at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award and Best International Short at the Los Angeles Theatrical Release Competition & Award. In total, the short film collected 15 awards, including Best Director at the Accolade Global Film Competition.

In 2020 she directed the short film “To A God Unknown“, distributed in US theaters by FourWalled and winner of 236 awards in festivals organized in 35 different countries, including the Independent Short Award, the Metropolitan Film Festival NYC, the Toronto Short Film Channel Festival, the International Motion Picture Critics Awards, the Royal Society of Motion Picture Award, the Hollywood Gold Awards, the Star Hollywood Awards, the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, The International World Photography Award and the Global Film Competition.

In 2022 she is the director and actress of the experimental short film “The Antithesis of Love”, freely inspired by the biblical work “Il Cantico dei Cantici” for a rhythmic translation by Giuseppe Conte. The work, embellished with the music of Pino Jodice. It was presented in September 2022 at the Maxii Museum in Rome.

Holy War” is her debut feature film. Distinctly dreamlike and surreal film, starring Eugenia Costantini, Ekaterina Buscemi, Emma Quartullo and sees the participation of Maria Grazia Cucinotta. The preview takes place on 7 September 2022 as part of the Starlight Award, during the 79th Venice International Film Festival.